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Alternatives to Surgery for Varicose Veins

Surgery for varicose veins is one solution to the problem of discoloured or bulging veins, but it may not be the best one. There are several methods of treating varicose veins, and surgery is perhaps the most expensive and invasive one. While this form of treatment may be a last resort, there are alternatives to surgery for varicose veins.

Is surgery the only remedy for varicose veins?

Surgeries are not the only remedy. You may visit your doctor, have an ultrasound of your legs and describe your symptoms, and be given options such as injections or laser therapy. Laser therapy is costly and only temporarily stops the problem. Each session can cost anywhere from $200 to $400, and it usually entails a series of treatments before your varicose veins will be considered “healed.” Injections can also pollute the body with dangerous toxins that the FDA has given an o.k. to, but have not been proven to be completely benign. Although these two alternatives to surgery for varicose veins are perhaps less invasive, they are not without their negative side effects.

If you consider the types of surgeries performed, alternatives become even more appealing. Some surgeries even sound downright frightening – such as vein stripping, where a vein is cut and then surgically tied off at one end. With vein ligation surgery, small incisions are made where the varicose veins show on the skin, and sections of the vein are removed. In yet another surgery commonly prescribed, ambulatory phlebectomy, tiny incisions are surgically rendered in the skin and the vein is then removed through these perforations. If you ask me, this sounds more like treating the skin as if it should be drawn across a cheese grater. With this type of Middle Age medicine being done, alternatives to surgery for varicose veins become simply paramount whenever even remotely possible.

If someone could avoid varicose vein surgery, laser treatments or injections, you would think they would be overjoyed to try another, less disturbing and less expensive approach. There are ways to treat varicose veins that don’t require surgery, the removal or anything or the tying off of a vein. There are alternatives to surgery which won’t put you under the dangers of general anaesthesia or pump your body full of toxic ‘medicines’ that are supposed to treat the problem, only to find that your varicose veins pop up again a few months later. There are holistic alternatives to surgery for varicose veins, which are not painful, poisonous, temporary or wallet-draining.

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