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How to Eat Coconut Oil

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How to eat coconut oil in an easy and accessible ways concern most of the people interested in taking it as a daily supplement. Most of them indulged coconut oil as a poor man’s drugstore because of its positive effect on the overall health of a person. You know how to use coconut oil but do you know how to eat it.

Coconut oil is digestible oil extracted from the coconut meat. It is highly nutritious and beneficial to maintain a good health status. It has an essential component that can help to contest viruses, bacterias and parasites.

There are three most common ways on how to eat coconut oil:


Incorporating or mixing coconut oil in your meals is one of the most popular ways on how to eat coconut oil. And it will be equivalent to the basic recommended intake of 3.5 tablespoons daily of coconut oil.

In some tropical countries which are abundant in coconuts specifically in the Philippines, they use coconut oil as well as coconut milk as the main ingredient of their foods. It is one of the most familiar and frequent ways of eating coconut oil in the country. Especially in their local desserts like rice cakes, coconut macaroons, buko pandan and certain kinds of puddings.

Blending and adding it in your daily food will help you to intake coconut oil without actually noticing it. If your a fan of drinking coffee every morning or even throughout the day, adding a tablespoon or two to your coffee will give you a boost of energy that will be favourable in doing your daily tasks.

Having a salad with coconut oil dressing is one of the most common alternatives too or if you love having a pasta dish adding coconut oil in the sauce is also a good source of its nutrients. If you have seafood and meat cravings, adding coconut oil in the sauce will also very beneficial. Even substituting your regular cooking oil with coconut oil is also a good alternative. In addition to coconut oil as a twist in your favourite food will give you certain nutrients without sacrificing its taste.


If you are too busy accomplishing your daily targets, certain products are available in the market. It is one of the most practical ways on how to eat coconut oil. Coconut jam, coconut juice, coconut cream, banana chips, coconut water have an ample amount of coconut nutrients.

But one of the most popular product is the organic virgin coconut oil. It has no chemicals and preservatives added. With an affordable price, it is very accessible in the market place.


The last alternative on how to eat coconut oil is to eat raw coconuts. Uncooked coconut is equivalent to 3 to 4 tablespoons of coconut oil.

Benefits of coconut oil are endless. Taking coconut oil helps to combat certain diseases like constipation, concentration and memory loss, asthma, colds and aches. It also has positive actions on cancer, tuberculosis and Parkinson’s. Can lower cholesterol and boost energy which is beneficial in losing excessive body weights.

Aside from its health advantages in fighting certain diseases, coconut oil has also a positive effect on one’s skin and hair.

Learning how to eat coconut oil in the right and atypical approach will be very helpful in the present and future health status of the people around the world.

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