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Varicose Vein Removal Cost

Varicose vein removal cost is not something to sneeze at. Believe me; it can be quite pricey, especially if your insurance doesn’t cover a medical procedure. And who has that kind of money lying around nowadays; would you take it from the savings which took you so long to accumulate? Would it be worth it?

What is a varicose vein removal?

Varicose vein surgery is one possible way of solving the problem of ‘spider veins,’ but aside from its exorbitant cost, it can also be very uncomfortable. Some surgeries are expensive and sound like something out of a horror movie! One type of surgery is called vein stripping and is exactly what the name suggests. Another is called vein ligation – where small incisions are made into varicose veins, and blood flow is stopped by removing part of the vein and then tying off an end. In yet another surgery commonly used, called ambulatory phlebectomy, tiny holes are surgically rendered in the skin and the veins are then taken out. If you ask me, none of these solutions sounds like something I would want to pay someone to do to me. Varicose vein removal costs can also be high with other methods.

How much varicose vein removal cost?

If you seek laser treatment for your spider veins, then you will more than likely have to go to a laser centre for one of several different types of laser therapy at least three to four times, and more often up to a dozen times for full treatment. This form of varicose vein removal costs enough to eat at some very fine restaurants for several months, or perhaps to invest in that leather lounge suite you’ve been eyeing out. If you are suffering from swelling, ropey-looking veins or discoloured, spidery veins, then you would probably pay nearly anything to solve the problem, but these treatments may be unnecessary, so do your homework.

If you want to save some money and eat a five-star dinner instead, without hiding your legs under the tablecloth, then there are other options, which are less invasive and much less expensive. Varicose vein removal costs are traditionally set at between several hundred and several thousand dollars, unless you know of a product that treats them at home, painlessly, for merely dollars. The bottom line; don’t just go into this blindly, investigate thoroughly and then weigh up all the options and decide which is best for you. So there you have it, you can lower your varicose vein removal cost if you opt for the easy home treatment.

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